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This upcoming Perverted Wednesday will be

If you don't see a poll pop up on your screen for voting for the next Perverted Wednesday, just go to this link to vote


1.) Who runs this blog?

Gwynnie, Angela, Nicole, Bess and Sam.

2.) Requests/Submissions?

Put your requests in the ask box and any submissions in the submit box!

3.) How does this blog work?

We get requests via the ask box and then whichever admin can do a ‘spam’ as we call it, which is posting a bunch of pictures/gifs/videos of that request, will do that spam, and then work on the next one if they have time. We also rely on submissions, and we also post any sexy pictures/gifs/videos we see in our normal lives on this site

4.) What is “Perverted Wednesday?”

How it works is we pick 5 things from the request list that will be released after the Perverted Wednesday spam is finished, and you guys will get to vote on which thing you want spammed until Sunday, when we may have another tie-breaker vote in case of a tie. We will then post what won all day long on Wednesday. We will tag all Perverted Wednesday spams as ‘perverted wednesday’.

5.) What is SNSD Sunday?

Basically, we get a ton of requests for SNSD spams. Since we want to make sure that our blog doesn’t turn into an SNSD girls perv site (even though we love them to death) we take all the requests for SNSD related things and put them in our SNSD Sunday list. We will spend the entire day spamming only that one thing. You can find who is coming up on the next Sunday by going to our request list. All posts will be tagged with ‘snsd sundays’. 

6.) Who is on your icon? banner?

Our icon is Ha Ji Won

Our sidebar photo is Hyosung from Secret. 

Here is the icon if you want it. 

7.) For the admins: What are your ages? The countries you live in? Facebook accounts? Twitter? Personal Blog? etc.?

Go ahead and shoot us a message either here or on our personal blogs. You can find those in our admins page. 

8.) You reposted/did not credit my gif/edit.

Message us so we can sort it out. Most of the pictures/gifs that we post are either submissions or we found them on a site (without any source), but when we see do a watermark on the gif/pic, we make sure to credit the owner. If you message us saying that you’re the owner, we will gladly credit you. If you want it to be deleted, we can do that too. Registered & Protected